Yoshi Got New Shoes

In a previous blog post, I told you about a mini-adventure I had with a huge vibration in Yoshi. It turned out to be a combination of a seized air conditioning unit, two bent rims, and wheel weights that had gone missing. The air conditioning was fixed immediately upon discovery, but now my job was to figure out what new wheels I wanted to “invest” in. I’d already had a vision about that, so that would be pretty easy — or so I thought.

Oregon Web Guy: Deep Dish Bullitt-Style RimsSince I’d already done some research online, I knew what kind of wheels I wanted. The 2013 model of Mustang is a nice marriage of classic lines and modern design, so I wanted wheels that followed a similar concept. A popular hotrod wheel back in the late 60’s and early 70’s was the American Mag — the spokes within often being referred to as “bananas” — so I wanted that general style. But I wanted the spokes to be painted a glossy black, while the rest of the wheel would be a machined aluminum. I could locate wheels like that, but I couldn’t locate them in the sizes I needed for my specific model of Mustang.

My mechanic, Certified Automotive Repair, referred me to Hillyer’s Tire and Wheel on Silverton Road in Salem. So I walked into the showroom and described what I was looking for and referred them to what I’d found online. One of the mechanics (Brian) had a Mustang of the same generation, so he showed me what he was running and made some very specific suggestions as to what my options were for wheel and tire sizes. The primary concern was to pack the biggest, baddest rims and tires in there without worrying about brake caliper and fender clearances.

Mary Hillyer spent a large chunk of time tracking down this specific type of wheel in the sizes I needed, while also considering tire options. I wanted some high-performance Nitto tires that would also be good for the occasional times I take Yoshi on a drive in the rain. Eventually she found the perfect combination and they were ordered. However, the estimated shipment time put them on track to arrive two full weeks after an upcoming Mustang Club cruise to the Tillamook Air Museum. This made me sad, but I didn’t want to settle for anything else.

But then, on Friday, May 24th, the day before the Tillamook cruise, Hillyer’s called to happily report that the wheels and tires had arrived! I was immediately excited, then disappointed because I was sure there was no way they’d get me in that same day for installation. Before I could open my mouth, Mary asked if I wanted to come in that day for installation. Wow! Of course, I did not turn down that amazing offer.

So they completed installation and Yoshi looks like a totally different car. Those old, beat up rims were just tired, ugly and ready for replacement. And we’re ready to go for the cruise. You can bet there will be another blog post for that. 🙂

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