Met My Wife 27 Years Ago Today at Denny’s

Angel and Wendell walking on the beach in Bandon, Oregon 1992
Angel and Wendell walking on the beach in Bandon, Oregon 1992

On March 9, 1992, I met my (now) wife in person for the first time. We had “met” online about a year earlier under our personas, “Noodles” and “5150”. Anyway, I still remember how incredibly nervous I was; I remember not being able to talk; and I remember that red sweater.

Fast forward to now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, for some reason, the number 27 keeps making itself known in my life, so I figured that this 27th year should be commemorated by something — but what? While randomly out surfing the web, I stumbled on the perfect thing (see photo).

For her wedding ring, I had it custom made with a diamond in the center, flanked on each side by each of our birthstones. Following a similar theme for today’s occasion, I purchased these handmade bracelets, each with our birthstone colors and each bearing a small medallion marked with a set of coordinates. These coordinates specifically mark the location where we first met in person — a Denny’s located off Interstate 10 in Colton, California. Guess which restaurant we are going to for dinner tonight? 😉

The other photo is us in Bandon, Oregon in 1992.

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